Order of the Calon Lily: Soren atte Raven


Source text: various Sawyer charters (https://esawyer.lib.cam.ac.uk/about/index.html) – I tend to default to Anglo-Saxon/equivalent sources for Norse or Norse-adjacent personae, because writing poetry is not my thing (collecting it, on the other hand, very much is, but that’s in the modern world) and writing Norse poetry is even less so.

All things which take place in the world pass from memory into oblivion unless they are committed to writing. Therefore this document has been created to declare that, as the embroidery of Soren atte Raven pleases Us greatly, and as he shares his knowledge and skills with any who would choose to learn, and as the Order of the Calon Lily has seen fit to entreat Us to add to their numbers:

Now do We, Hirsch and Magdalena, in Our sovereign power, grant him entry into the said Order, with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities to be held and possessed in perpetuity. And further do We command, ordain, and instruct him to wear upon his person the symbol of the Order, that being per pale Or and purpure, a fleur-de-lys within a bordure counterchanged. 

And this has been done and caused to be done at Our gathering at the Canton of Aston Tor within the Barony of Forgotten Sea on the thirtieth day of April, in the fifty-sixth year of the Society, and is further confirmed and strengthened by Our signatures. 

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