Order of the Calon Cross: Gawin Keppler


Source text: there’s not a specific text I used for this one; I’m getting to the point as a writer where I’ve read enough texts that I’m starting to feel comfortable writing without having a specific text to rely on, if that makes sense. (It probably doesn’t, at least to anyone who isn’t me.)

Be it known to all people that We, Hirsch, King by Right of Arms and Magdalena, Queen by Right of Inspiration, do by these Our present letters decree and ordain that Gawin Keppler be and hereby is granted entry into the Order of the Calon Cross by virtue of his valiant service in sharing information with all Our people; and furthermore do We gift and grant unto him all liberties, privileges, and responsibilities such as custom and law demand for one of such estate, in addition to those rights and responsibilities previously granted by Letters Patent; and further do we command that the said Gawin should wear the symbol of the Order: Or, a cross of Calatrava within a bordure purpure.  

And We do hereby order each and every person, now or in the future, who might hear or read these words, that you will not impose any impediment or aggravation upon the said Gawin, or permit those things to be imposed upon him by others. 

For the guarantee and greater security of all that has been written, We have caused these Our letters to be read aloud in Our Court, to be sealed with Our signatures, and to be given into the keeping of the said Gawin. Done at Standing Stones in the same Court on 23 April in the fifty-sixth year of the Society. 

I got to work with the amazing Baron Konstantia again on this one, and they knocked the calligraphy and illumination out of the proverbial park: https://kaloethina.wordpress.com/2022/04/24/calon-cross-for-gawin-kappler/

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