Ciao a tutti!*


Hi! My name is Chiara (at least for the purposes of this blog) and I participate in the Kingdom of Calontir in the Society for Creative Anachronism’s Knowne World.

In the Society, one of the things I do is write scroll texts. Over the next…period of time, I’ll be getting the texts I’ve had the privilege to write thus far uploaded, as well as adding in new texts (should my writing services be requested).

In the event that anyone is actually reading this…thank you, and I hope my words provide you some entertainment?

(*: ciao a tutti = “hello to all” in Italian**

**: …I don’t actually speak Italian. Thank you, Google.***

***: I really like footnotes, apparently. Also parentheses.)


Order of the Calon Lily: Soren atte Raven


Source text: various Sawyer charters ( – I tend to default to Anglo-Saxon/equivalent sources for Norse or Norse-adjacent personae, because writing poetry is not my thing (collecting it, on the other hand, very much is, but that’s in the modern world) and writing Norse poetry is even less so.

All things which take place in the world pass from memory into oblivion unless they are committed to writing. Therefore this document has been created to declare that, as the embroidery of Soren atte Raven pleases Us greatly, and as he shares his knowledge and skills with any who would choose to learn, and as the Order of the Calon Lily has seen fit to entreat Us to add to their numbers:

Now do We, Hirsch and Magdalena, in Our sovereign power, grant him entry into the said Order, with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities to be held and possessed in perpetuity. And further do We command, ordain, and instruct him to wear upon his person the symbol of the Order, that being per pale Or and purpure, a fleur-de-lys within a bordure counterchanged. 

And this has been done and caused to be done at Our gathering at the Canton of Aston Tor within the Barony of Forgotten Sea on the thirtieth day of April, in the fifty-sixth year of the Society, and is further confirmed and strengthened by Our signatures. 

Order of the Calon Cross: Gawin Keppler


Source text: there’s not a specific text I used for this one; I’m getting to the point as a writer where I’ve read enough texts that I’m starting to feel comfortable writing without having a specific text to rely on, if that makes sense. (It probably doesn’t, at least to anyone who isn’t me.)

Be it known to all people that We, Hirsch, King by Right of Arms and Magdalena, Queen by Right of Inspiration, do by these Our present letters decree and ordain that Gawin Keppler be and hereby is granted entry into the Order of the Calon Cross by virtue of his valiant service in sharing information with all Our people; and furthermore do We gift and grant unto him all liberties, privileges, and responsibilities such as custom and law demand for one of such estate, in addition to those rights and responsibilities previously granted by Letters Patent; and further do we command that the said Gawin should wear the symbol of the Order: Or, a cross of Calatrava within a bordure purpure.  

And We do hereby order each and every person, now or in the future, who might hear or read these words, that you will not impose any impediment or aggravation upon the said Gawin, or permit those things to be imposed upon him by others. 

For the guarantee and greater security of all that has been written, We have caused these Our letters to be read aloud in Our Court, to be sealed with Our signatures, and to be given into the keeping of the said Gawin. Done at Standing Stones in the same Court on 23 April in the fifty-sixth year of the Society. 

I got to work with the amazing Baron Konstantia again on this one, and they knocked the calligraphy and illumination out of the proverbial park:

Order of the Pelican: Galen MacColmain


Source text: Pie Postulatio Voluntatis, 1113

King Hirsch and Queen Magdalena, to Our right trusty and most well-beloved Galen MacColmain: greetings and all good things. 

The requests of a devout desire ought to meet with a corresponding fulfillment. Inasmuch, as of their affection for you, Our right and honorable Order of the Pelican has requested, in token of your service to Our community of archers, and most especially of your service to the Realm in the time of the Plague, of which these number just a few and of which the full number could not be contained in all the books of all the world, that you should in fact be numbered among the Order.

We, therefore, being much pleased with your talents, and service, do now receive this petition with favor and with distinct pleasure, and ordain and establish by the authority of this our present decree, that you shall now and forever be numbered among the Companions of the Order and grant you arms by Letters Patent, those being: per chevron sable and vert, a chevron between three mullets and a sheaf of arrows inverted argent. It is also Our will and desire that you shall receive and partake in all those privileges and responsibilities which pertain to membership in the said Order from this day forward. 

Furthermore, all dignities or possessions which you hold at present, such as Hillcrest Hall and its attendant lands within the Shire of Oakheart, the twenty goodly acres in the Shire of Shadowdale, and the maison-fortes at Pontmerci and the Duchy of Fleurdarc, as also those which hereafter We bestow at this time, namely 16 arpents in the Barony of Forgotten Sea where an archery range has been created for your use with the understanding that you will maintain the land and let it serve as a place for people to gather and hone their skills; and also a pass of safe conduct to the Duchy of Fleurdarc wherein Duchesse Issabell has bestowed your name on a newly constructed library at the Saint-Charles Cathedral of Fleurdarc.  We confirm them to you and to your heirs, and through you to them in perpetuity, who shall devote themselves with pious zeal to the cares of hospitality as you do and have done. We further decree that it shall be unlawful for anyone whatsoever rashly to disturb your peace, or to carry off any of your property, or if carried off to retain possession of it, or to diminish anything from its revenues, or to harass you with audacious annoyances. 

As Our will and intentions have been made known in full to all, any person who at a future time shall attempt to oppose its provisions, and if, after having received a second or third warning, does not make a suitable satisfaction and restitution, let them be deprived of all dignity and honor and meet with the severest vengeance. But to all who deal justly and rightly with the same, on them be peace, so that not only here below they may receive the rewards of good actions, but may enjoy the blessing of peace eternal. 

Given at Our Crown Tournament in the lands of the Barony of Three Rivers, by Our hand and with Our signatures, on the ninth day of April, in the fifty-sixth year of the Society since the first Tournament, and in the fourth month of Our Reign.

a) I apologized after Court to Baroness Ayisha, because this is the longest text I’ve ever written by…about a hundred words.

Galen’s completed scroll (photo credit to HE Ayisha)

b) Both this and Galen’s Silver Hammer text (which I also wrote and which will be posted at some point in the future) are based off texts related to the Knights Hospitaller. If I’d known that his Cross was going to him at the time of writing*, I would have used a Hospitaller-related text for that as well.
(*The Crown who granted him entry into that Order used pre-written text for their GoA recipients without a specific person in mind, similar in some ways to Calontir’s AoA texts.)

Order of the Silver Hammer: John Bowyer


Source text: a combination of Froissart’s Chronicles ( and the letters of Jeanne d’Arc. The mingling of English and French sources was amusing to me. 🙂

Be it remembered that on the second day of April in the fifty-sixth year of the Society, with the King Hirsch and the Queen Magdalena present at the Shire of Cum an Iolair, there were also many people summoned by Royal authority. In the evening, Sir John Bowyer did come to Them when he learned They were approaching, as he had been commanded to do so. And there were heard at this time words from the Order of the Silver Hammer concerning how he was not only valiant in battle but very learned also, and that he did teach and share joyfully, and that he did so in such a wise and able manner that all people listened to him willingly. 

As Their Majesties took heed of the testimony so given, and properly considered the merit and esteem They felt towards the said John, They therefore willed and granted that he should be granted entry into the Order, with leave to enjoy and exercise each and every liberty, responsibility, and privilege appertaining to the same, in addition to those responsibilities and privileges granted by Their ancestors of blessed memory on previous occasions.   

And so willing and granting, Their Majesties caused these letters to be made and to be marked with their signs manual.  Written and witnessed upon the day and date aforesaid.

For a behind the scenes look at the calligraphy and illumination of the text, visit the blog of the brilliant Baron Konstantia: